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moved to la the weather is better here

love it but need prayer for money issues for 200 unspoken miracles for myself and my family and 20 unspoken other miracles for me.

I need all of my friends to pray for me

and that i have found my soul mate and don't lose him and for 100 unspoken miracles for my relationship with my boyfriend my future school
my friends and family and south korea and Japan.
My friends and people whom i look up to that live over there and everyone who lives there to be kept safe and keep everyone in Japan safe and everyone in the usa and california and Texas safe and that Jesus can save that leader in North korea and change his mind so that nobody has to go to war please.
I  also need 80 unspoken miracles for myself and my older sister and my family friends and protect everyone that i care about both family and famous people like boa and utada hikaru and se7en and  Teen Top and MAY j. and super junior and shinee  and all my favorite anime voice actors and live action actors  and manga writers.
I am so happy another cool year.
that i don't lose him over this crazy theory he has or that i never ever lose him for any reason what so ever and that he gets saved please and that we still go to both conventions together and he is still paying for me to go.
please and i need u to pray that he accepts Jesus into his heart to thank you so much.

I need 80 unspoken miracles for myself

and my family and my boyfriend that everything works out for me and him and that he get's saved by Jesus and removes the evil from his life
that he thinks are ghosts but are really demons.
to pray to Jesus that my boyfriend get's saved and that i don't lose him because i cannot do the one thing he wants to do before marriage nor do i want him having a party with strippers at the anime convention in ohio that i am going to with him so i need 80 unspoken miracles and for him to stop discussing our problems at work. please sincerely yuuki. 
my boyfriend is making me want to cry now because of it.